The Future of Men's Beauty

The Future of Men's Beauty

Beauty today is an industry in constant flux. New brands are able to build social audiences quickly and leverage influencers to scale quickly. Rapid changes in consumer sentiment and spending habits mean that success depends on bringing innovative products and messaging to market fast.

One area of especially rapid and foundational change, in beauty and in the broader cultural sphere, is gender. Beauty has been moving beyond a traditional focus on women to include men and their needs for some time. But cultural currents continue to push the horizons of gender identity and performance further, beyond traditional binaries of male and female, and beyond notions of gender neutrality and androgyny. New forms of gender fluidity, gender queering and even wholesale rejection of the gender system are informing and entering the mainstream.

In order to capture and make sense of changes like these, our teams are constantly scanning for signals of new ideas, behaviours and actions that will shape the future. Over the past quarter, we have identified three themes of change at the intersection of gender and beauty that are likely to set the foundation for tomorrow’s innovation and growth:

1/ Overcoming Androgyny
2/ The Great Male Awokening
3/ Searching for Heritage

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